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Air Washer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Air Washer Manufacturers

Greenoz Cooling, as a Air Washer Manufacturer, stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality air purification solutions. Specializing in innovative air washer technology, Greenoz Cooling offers products designed to enhance air quality by removing contaminants and improving humidity levels. Their air washers are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and durability.

Greenoz Cooling’s reputation for excellence in the industry is built on their products that prioritize customer satisfaction. By choosing an air washer from Greenoz Cooling, customers benefit from modern technology that effectively purifies the air and controls humidity levels. These air washers are durable, energy-efficient, and reliable, providing a comprehensive solution for enhancing indoor air quality.

The benefits of using an Air Washer from Greenoz Cooling are manifold. These systems effectively remove airborne particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander while adding moisture to improve humidity levels. This dual function not only cleans the air but also helps alleviate dryness and discomfort caused by dry air.

By choosing Greenoz Cooling as your Air Washer Manufacturer, you ensure a smart choice for enhancing indoor air comfort and promoting overall well-being.

Air Washer Supplier

Greenoz Cooling air washers harness the power of natural water evaporation in conjunction with an efficient air flow system to deliver highly effective cooling solutions. By converting hot air into a refreshing breeze through the process of water evaporation. Our air washers offer a reliable and simple cooling solution. Fresh outside air is drawn through moist pads. Where it is cooled by evaporation, and then circulated throughout various spaces such as departments, industrial sheds, halls, etc. using a suitable ducting system and blower. Best Quality Air Scrubber Unit Manufacturer.

As a responsible Air Washer Manufacturer and Air Washer Supplier, we ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards and are made from durable and robust materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, while keeping the weight to a minimum. Our economical turbo ventilators are designed to prevent the entry of rain and other particles into the covered area, even in low wind velocities, thanks to their efficient suction capabilities. We strive to provide premium quality air washers to fulfill the demands of our customers and meet the prescribed manufacturing standards.


  • Double Skin with EC/Plug/ Centrifugal Blower Horizontal/Vertical is designed for various applications.
  • Single/Double/three-stage type cooling systems for energy-saving evaporative cooling.
  • The energy consumption shall be around 50% than with compare to Air Conditioning.
  • The Space is cooled by Fresh Air.
  • No Refrigerant is used and the system is performing environmentally friendly.
  • The direction of supply air can be manufactured as per client requirements.
  • The filtration Level can be designed as a client requirement.
  • Built-in the electrical panel as optionally available.
  • Lifetime lubricated motor bearings to ensure zero maintenance.
  • Units are available as per space availability.
  • The installation team is available 24×7.
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Public Places : Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Banquet Halls, College Buildings, Religious Buildings, Municipal Halls, District Admn. Buildings, Community Centers.

Institutional Area : Defense Services, Para Military Services, Research Institutions, Para Military Network, Police,
Border Security Forces, Bank Buildings, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Laboratories.

Automobile Industries : Automobile Assembly Area, Automobile Component Manufacturing Area, Mechanical Engineering Labs, CNC Machining Areas, Sintered Carbide Cutting Tools, Packaging Areas, Welding Shops.

Paper Industry : Processing Area, Packing Areas, Spot Cooling For Operators.

Textile Industry : Processing Area, Packing Areas, Spot Cooling For Operators.

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