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Multi Stage Cooling Unit

Multi Stage Cooling Unit Manufacturer

At Greenoz Cooling, we are proud to be a leading Multi Stage Cooling Unit Manufacturer. Our products are known for their top-quality and durability. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and adherence to industry standards, we ensure that our multi-stage units are built to last and perform at their best. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and materials from trusted suppliers to deliver superior products to our customers. Trust Greenoz Cooling for all your multi-stage unit needs, and experience the excellence in quality and performance that sets us apart as a leader in the industry.

Multi Stage Cooling Unit Supplier

A multi-stage unit is a type of equipment commonly used in various industrial processes to achieve specific temperature or pressure requirements. It consists of multiple stages or steps that work in sequence to achieve the desired outcome. Multi-stage units are designed to provide precise control over temperature, humidity, pressure, or other variables, making them highly versatile and efficient.

 One of the key benefits of multi-stage units is their ability to optimize energy usage by adjusting the output based on the specific requirements of the process. This helps to minimize energy wastage and reduce operational costs.


Whether it’s for cooling, heating, or other industrial processes, a multi-stage unit from Greenoz Cooling, a reputable manufacturer and supplier, can provide reliable and efficient solutions for your specific needs.


  • Eco-friendly Air cooling unit is unique Energy- efficient & eco-friendly.
  • Working based on Indirect-direct evaporating technology.
  • Secondary air stream is cooled by water.
  • The cooled secondary air goes to heat exchanger.
  • It cools the primary air stream.
  • The cooled primary air steam is circulated by the respective fan.
  • Indirect evaporative cooling does not add moisture to the primary air.
  • The air can heat, cool, humid air brings fresh air to maintain indoor air quality.
  • Installation team available 24 X 7.
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Public Places : Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Banquet Halls, College Buildings, Religious Buildings, Municipal Halls, District Admn. Buildings, Community Centers.

Institutional Area : Defense Services, Para Military Services, Research Institutions, Para Military Network, Police,
Border Security Forces, Bank Buildings, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Laboratories.

Automobile Industries : Automobile Assembly Area, Automobile Component Manufacturing Area, Mechanical Engineering Labs, CNC Machining Areas, Sintered Carbide Cutting Tools, Packaging Areas, Welding Shops.

Paper Industry : Processing Area, Packing Areas, Spot Cooling For Operators.

Textile Industry : Processing Area, Packing Areas, Spot Cooling For Operators.

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